Sports Value Consulting, LLC is the leading valuation and advisory firm in the professional sports industry. Driven by the desire to move from the theoretical world to a practical understanding of how teams transact, Mr. Rapkoch formed SVC in 2003.

This industry is not valued solely on the average price-to-revenue multiple of prior teams. It must include a forward-looking, deep understanding of the tangible and intangible factors related to teams. One cannot simply look to corporations-to-suite ratios or local demographics when comparing one city to another. SVC’s experience and staff of former operators provides an understanding of each market and the challenges it may have.


Established relationships across league management and member franchises – Our strong relationships with top league and franchise management provide access to data for analysis, giving our clients a distinct advantage

Solid understanding of economics at a league-wide level

Distinguished industry references – SVC takes pride in our strong relationships with former clients and extensive referral list. We encourage you to ask for and to review our current reference list.

Expertise in sports – Mr.Rapkoch is a professional sports valuations expert with 25 years of industry-specific experience.

Reliability and record retention – All records, memos and analyses are kept confidential for future reference.

Ability to work and coordinate with existing accounting firm – We will actively consult and communicate with your accounting firm regarding the application of proper methodologies to calculate the recommended values of assets acquired to the standards set forth in current financial and tax regulations.

Michael Rapkoch


Sports Value Consulting, LLC is lead by Michael Rapkoch. He is an Accredited Senior Appraiser with a focus on Business Valuations in the American Society of Appraisers. Mr. Rapkoch works closely with several former CEOs and CFOs of professional sport teams to gain an understanding of operational issues that may not be noticeable at first glance (e.g. the high number of tickets sold to ticket brokers).

Mr. Rapkoch has lectured at universities as well as an ASA conference on the topic of valuation of sports franchises.

Mr. Rapkoch has performed over 300 valuation engagements in professional sports.

Sports Value Consulting does not outsource any component of its valuation of professional teams.

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