Since its formation in 2003, Sports Value Consulting has worked with over 80 clients in the professional sports industry. Nearly half of those clients come back with additional needs each year. What matters most in the sports franchise industry is recent knowledge. While other firms may compile a long list of clients, many of those are for work done decades prior. The personnel on the engagements are no longer there. Thus what relevant expertise does the current staff have?

Recent experience is key, and that is why we are pleased to have worked with 41 teams in 2019.

There is no other franchise valuation firm with our skill sets, relationships, proven work ethic and knowledge. Our database of information is built on the fact that we have performed valuation related work on nearly 50 transactions in professional sports. Once you understand the motives of a buyer to purchase and a seller to obtain the best terms possible, then you can start to put together the basis for a valuation that will withstand scrutiny from others. Each transaction has a story, and not all teams are alike.

Our advisory work spans across the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, EPL, ECL, MiLB, and other sports leagues in North America and Europe.

We look forward to sharing our list of clients with you.

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