Sports Franchise Valuation & Appraisal Services

SVC is an expert in conducting sports franchise valuations. We use a wide variety of tools and methodologies to get you the best and most accurate valuation possible. Only after completing a thorough review of all the data should anyone attempt to forecast the value of a franchise. Learn more about our franchise valuation

In 2017, the tax reform bill known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) resulted in a change to Section 1031 or like kind exchanges. Sports Value Consulting can help determine what this means for your franchise, player valuations, and other tax considerations. SVC works directly with a team’s tax advisors to conduct thorough valuations of players involved in a trade. All of the documents and work is strictly confidential. Find out more about our player valuation services.

It’s important to have a trusted and qualified valuation firm when divorce and marital disputes happen with franchise ownership. Sports Value Consulting has extensive knowledge and a database of deals in the industry to make things easier and provide an accurate valuation. Without a proper valuation, it can result in a costly mistake. Find out more about our sports franchise ownership divorce services.

SVC is the only valuation firm solely dedicated to the business of sports. Therefore, we have a significant amount of knowledge pertaining to transactions and how teams operate in different markets.

No other firm has performed more purchase price allocations in the last decade than SVC. We have performed over 40 of these types of valuations for teams across North America and the United Kingdom.

Given our experience in this field, SVC understands that management’s time is vital and thus prepares each analysis with this in mind. Our process is as follows:
Start with a brief call to review the transaction in order to understand what was purchased, the price, and any tax concerns of the client
Prepare a brief data request
Summarize all key elements once data is received; prepare questions to better understand the information
Create an agenda that outlines who we need to speak to, how long it will take, and the questions we will ask them (this allows the team’s management to be better prepared for our various meetings)
Establish a date to visit with the client at their office
Gather information from the meetings and combine with data to help prepare the valuation analysis
Discuss draft results with the client
Prepare a draft report, which outlines the assets valued, the methodology employed as well as the assumptions utilized
Issue a final report after consulting with client and audit/tax advisors
Maintain constant communication with the client and the auditing/tax firm throughout the process
Work with management and advisers to create an opening balance sheet for both tax and financial reporting purposes

Information is key. In professional sports, the true transaction price -- not what is reported in the press -- is what is used to start the comparative analysis of the application of market multiples. Few firms have this data and can only complete the analysis if the league provides them with data on transactions and a complete financial overview of those teams. In other words, those firms who have not been part of a transaction have no knowledge of (i) the true price paid, (ii) capital structure of the deal, (iii) purchase price adjustments, (iv) motive for the acquisition or (v) the financial and operational overview of the team that sold. Therefore, the only way for them to complete the analysis is to ask for private information on clubs from the leagues.

SVC will also work alongside your legal, audit and tax advisors in order to meet your needs and goals. SVC compliments investment banking firms by providing independent valuations or guidance on teams. SVC does not act as a broker of teams and has distinguished itself in the marketplace as being an independent, go-to firm for sports valuations.

Sports Value Consulting has added a new service line for our current and prospective customers - investment banking. Having been a part of more than 50 transactions and building relationships in the industry for over 25 years, the next logical step was to provide investment banking. All transactions will be conducted through Texas Corporate Capital Advisors (TECCA), a member of FINRA/SIPC. The combination of deal making and capital raising from TECCA with the expertise of working with professional sports teams by SVC will create a client focused approach. This is the core foundation of the firm; to focus on relationships versus money.

For those that have worked us, you appreciate the direct response to items and the ability to deliver at all levels and time frames. TECCA brings the same approach but now we can work on not only buy/side side engagements but also on debt financing for teams and venues. * Securities, transactions conducted by Texas Corporate Capital Advisors LLC a registered broker dealer and member FINRA/SIPC.*

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