It is important to partner with a highly respected and qualified valuation firm when dealing with divorce that involves ownership in a sports franchise.

The sports valuation firm should have extensive knowledge of the team and league as well as a database of deals they have worked on to use as a reference point. Selecting a firm that does not specialize in the sports sector could result in an inaccurate valuation, the inability to counter claims by the opposing valuation expert, lopsided results for one of the parties and/or additional litigation.

There are many well-documented, high-profile cases illustrating the pitfalls of selecting a firm that is not capable of handling sports franchise valuations. Litigation to correct valuation miscalculations can be costly, and it often fails to reverse blunders made by inexperienced firms. Therefore, it is important to select a firm whose staff works daily with appropriate contacts within the sports industry to be able to provide a proper valuation and appropriate outcomes for all parties.

Sports Value Consulting, LLC, has 25 years of valuation experience and has completed over 100 valuation engagements and more than 40 transactions. We have conducted over 80 valuations in the last five years. Our well-connected and highly specialized firm works daily within the industry, which helps to secure the best results for clients.

Partnering with SVC provides franchises with a peace of mind unobtainable through firms with little to no sports industry experience:

  • We understand the value of a team because we work with teams daily.
  • We don't rely solely on publicly available and/or dated information for definitive sources of value.
  • We command a network of sports industry contacts.
  • We have decades of industry experience and a current client list that includes many teams in the NHL, NFL, MLB and NBA, among others.
  • We painstakingly factor in all the appropriate details, which are often overlooked by valuations firms that do not specialize in sports franchises.
  • We have access to current, timely information that is of utmost importance as team values are escalating at unprecedented rates.

SVC provides a precise and well-researched valuation to avoid unnecessary issues in franchise divorce cases. Our respected firm will work to secure the best outcome and valuation for each individual team. Call Michael Rapkoch at 817-368-0952 to discuss your options.

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