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Minority Investors

SVC's history includes significant work understanding the rights and restrictions of a minority partner's shares in a sports franchise. One rule does not apply to all teams. If you are a minority partner or a general partner looking to add investors, a well-drafted partnership agreement is critical. In addition to some common rights and privileges you may negotiate, are there provisions for repurchase of your shares? Do these provisions consider discounts for lack of marketability and control in determining the price? Were these discounts considered when you bought into the club?  Does the minority partner have Tag and Drag rights? Most valuation firms look to academic and professional studies to quantify the discounts; however, our experience has shown these studies are not applicable and potentially easy for the IRS to refute. SVC relies on its own internal database of deals and analysis to quantify these discounts.


Trusted Experience

SVC has conducted over 40 transactions in professional sports. This extensive experience is the foundation of the services we offer our clients. Unless a firm is solely focused on this industry and is involved directly with transactions, how can it provide a reliable, credible value? Many firms wish to provide their opinion of a sports franchise, yet few have little, if any, experience in transactions. Other sport advisory firms outsource the valuation aspect of engagement, as they do not hold the ASA designation. Ask before you engage.


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Precise Valuation

There are many variables to consider when affixing a hypothetical value to a professional sports franchise. Most people in the business of sports agree that traditional financial metrics cannot be used when predicting what anyone is willing to pay for the acquisition of one of these unique assets. SVC will consider all three valuation approaches in determining the fair market value of the interest considered.


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Registered Brokerage

Sports Value Consulting and Mr. Rapkoch is now a registered broker offering investment banking services. All offerings of securities are through Texas Corporate Capital Adviors, a member of the Financial Industry Regulation Authority and Security Investor Protection Corporation.

As an Accredited Senior Appraiser with ASA and member of FINRA, Mr. Rapkoch is required to meet all the requirements set forth in ASA when providing deliverables to clients. A report from any advisor should not gloss over key elements of an analysis or research and follow ASA's self-sustaining requirement. Furthermore, each report is tailored to a specific client and not a generic version of a ‘one size fits all’ mentality.

Remember when evaluating advisors, clients should inquire as to what they will receive at the conclusion of the analysis. Be sure to ask is the report tailored to my needs and relevant to professional sports?

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